تست هاي كنكور گرامر زبان پيش دانشگاهي 




A. -------------- Monday is a religious holiday, we don’t have to go to work.


        a. When         a. Whether        c. Since            d. So


B. -------------- you are tall or short, you can play basketball.


        a. Whether      b. While              c. As                d. For


C. A child’s dependence on his parents decreases ------------- he grows older.


        a. When          b. As                    c. since            d. while


D. Our trip relies on whether it rains -------------- not.


        a. as                b. since               c. when              d. or


E. Good eye contact helps your audience ----- more relaxed.


        a. feel             b. feeling              c. feels              d. felt


F. The teacher made all the students ----- a lecture during the term.




    1. to give        2. gives               3. give             4. giving


7. By ----- number 110 , the police help you.


        1. call              2. calling            3. to call            4. calls


8. My brother didn’t ----- me to do my homework.


        1. let               2. make              3. enjoy               4. help


9. The cars ………………in Japan have the most customers.


       a) which produced      b) producing          c) produced          d) are produced


10. Some people change their eating habits ----- they get older.


     a. when        b. whether                c. as                          d. or


11. I don't know ………………..Tom was coming or not.


     a) whether            b) when                 c) as                d) since


12. Her father ………………her go to the library.


     a) allows              b) wants                 c) lets                    d) asks


13. The boy …………….there comes from India.


     a) who standing       b) is standing          c) standing             d) stands


14. Don't buy foods ………………….in this store.


     a) sold                b) selling              c) were sold          d) sell


15. He didn't have …………….money to buy a car.


     a) enough           b) very                 c) so                   d) such


16. These are ………………small shoes that I want to hear them.


     a) so                  b) such                 c) very              d) too


17. she went to London ……… her education.


     a) so that she could continue                              b) so that she can continue


     c) in order continue                                             d) so as she could continue


18. ……. I was extremely tired , I walked all the way home.


     a) however                     b) because                       c) as                 d) even though


19. I hid the letter under the carpet ……. They wouldn't find it.


     a)so that                       b) that                         c) in order to              d) so as to


20. I …… have watched that program last night because I had to go out.


     a) couldn't                  b) might not                 c) won't                      d) wouldn't


21. A: Mary fell asleep in class this  morning.


      B: she ………. Up too late last night.


   a) must have stayed         b) might stay       c) should stay         d) should have stayed


22. The  workers are poor, ………….factories owners are usually rich.


    a) while                      b) because                 c) though                        d) that


23. Several probs were sent into space…………….they could bring back samples of rock.    a) though                   b) while                  c) so that                d) in order to


24. Would you mind helping me           this can?


      a. opens           b. open            c. opening          d. opened


25. My brother didn't ----- me to do my homework.


     a. let               b. make              c. enjoy             d. help


26. She hasn't phoned,                 she said she would.


     a. even though              b. so that                            c. while          d. so as to


28. A: "Why did you go out?"           B: "               post a letter."


    a. In order that       b. so that              c. Although                         d. In order to 


29. She is learning English                   she can study in Canada.


    a. while                           b. although    c. so that                             d. so as to


30. A friend of mine phoned                 invite me to a party.


   a. whereas                       b. although    c. so that                             d. so as to


31. It began to snow                 I was working in the garden.


   a. while                            b. although    c. so that                             d. so as to


32. We shouted                 everybody of the danger.


   a. so as to warn               b. by warning                      c. so that warn                    d. warn


33. I gave him my phone number                he could contact me.


    a. whereas                      b. although    c. so that                             d. so as to


34. She comes from a rich family,                her husband has had a poor life.


    a. whereas                      b. although    c. so that                             d. so as to


35.           some researchers think that the world is getting warmer, many do not think so.  a. While                              b. Although   c. So that         d. So as to


36. I need a bottle opener                  open this bottle.


      a. whereas                    b. for              c. so that                             d. to


37.               she hasn't really got the time, she still offered to help.


      a. While         b. Although   c. So that                   d. So as to


38. I need a few days                I can think about your suggestion.


      a. whereas               b. although    c. so that               d. in order to


39. I do every single bit of housework                    he just does the dishes now and again.   a. whereas         b. although        c. so that                             d. in order to


40. She walked home by herself,                      she knew that it was dangerous.


       a. whereas           b. although                 c. so that          d. in order to


41. He decided to go,                   I begged him not to.


       a. whereas                   b. although           c. so that             d. but


42. 5. I'm afraid I'm               to talk to you now.


      a. so busy            b. busy enough            c. too busy            d. very busy


43. Leave early              miss the bus.


  a. so that you wouldn't     b. in order not     c. so you won't      d. in order that might


44. Tom went to the library                               the books he had borrowed.


a. returning        b. return                c. to return               d. having returned


45. Reza speaks English very well. He                        in England for many years.


a. should live          b. must live       c. should have lived       d. must have lived


46. A: I don’t have any idea where Helen is.


      B: She                  to the movies with her friends.


      a. must have gone      b. should have gone   c. must go              d. may have gone


47. A: Mike spoke very quietly.


      B: He                      more loudly.


  a. should have spoken   b. should speak 


c. must have spoken   d. might have spoken


48. The man          next door is a famous doctor.


   a. that live                  b. living            c. to live               d. lived


49. The building             in the fire has now been rebuilt.


    a. destroying          b. was destroying       c. was destroyed      d. destroyed


50. I don't like the stories           happy endings.


a. having                             b. have                                c. had                                  d. has


51. I haven't seen him for                 long time that I've forgotten what he looks like.


     a. so          b. such                 c. such a              d. too


52. He didn't feel                 to go to work this morning.


     a. so well              b. too well             c. well enough          d. very well


53. These cars are                expensive ones that we can't buy them.


     a. such a          b. so             c. such                   d. too            


54. "Did you hear what he was saying?"  "No, we were              to hear what he was saying."


    a. far enough               b. too far                 c. so far           d. very far


55. Our typist wasn't              not to make so many mistakes.


    a. careful enough           b. too careful         c. carefully enough            d. so careful


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